Yogyakarta Culinary That You Must Try!

Besides being famous for its dancing tourist attractions. Yogyakarta or we called Jogja itself is also famous for its culinary tourism. Lots of culinary places that can be visited in this city. Because when traveling, of course, we also need to enjoy typical food dishes from every corner of our destination city and don’t miss it. It’s not perfect if you only want the beauty of the place, but you also need to pamper your stomach while traveling by eating interesting dishes in Jogja.
Here are culinary choices that you can try while visiting Jogja.
Pak Pong Satay
Pak Pong Satay is a culinary place that is quite legendary and popular in Jogja. It is located in front of Sultan Agung Bantul Square. However, two other branches can now be an option if the main place is packed. Don’t worry about the taste because at any branch. The taste is still the same. This place provides a wide selection of food, from processed young goat meat. The mainstay of the menu is Sate Klathak. Unlike the satay in general. Sate klathak is seasoned with salt and onions and then served with a curry sauce. Thus, it becomes a typical menu of this eating place. In addition, other menus are worth trying, such as tongseng, curry, kicik, and so on. You don’t need to worry about the price because it is still pocket-friendly.
Pak Bayu Soup
Sop Pak Bayu is located on Jalan Kaliurang, close to the Getan market. There is already one other branch not far from the main location. Just like the last place, the taste won’t be any different, it’s still the same, so there’s no need to worry. In addition, this eatery is famous for the speed with which it is served. Even though there are many customers, we don’t have to wait long, even though this place serves a menu with processed meat. In this place, the variety of food and drinks is quite varied. We must place an order at the cashier’s counter first to get a table number. At the cashier’s table, many market snacks can be selected as an appetizer before eating the main course, as a dessert, or eaten while waiting for orders to arrive.

Sop Pak Bayu provides dishes processed from beef ribs called dinosaur ribs and dinosaur bone marrow from cows. This menu is enough to make this place to eat a destination for culinary lovers. But don’t worry, there are other menu choices such as meat satay, rib soup, and other fresh drinks such as young coconut ice.

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Angkringan and Kopi Joss
Jogja is synonymous with its angkringan. So, it’s not valid if you haven’t tried eating at angkringan Jogja. This angkringan can be found in any corner of Jogja. However, tourists usually come around the Jogja Monument or Malioboro Street because they are located in the city center and tourist attractions. Angkringan provides a wide selection of food menus. Its signature menu is Nasi Kucing. Why is it called cat rice? Because the portion is relatively small with anchovy sauce and tempeh sauce. However, don’t worry that we won’t be full because there are still many other food choices that can be used as a complementary food for cat rice, such as fried tofu, tempeh, egg satay, intestinal satay, and so on.
Apart from that, you can enjoy drinks like this joss coffee. This joss coffee is hot black coffee topped with burning charcoal, which when put in, will sound “josss” making it a special drink that you also have to try. Even iced tea from angkringan in Jogja is also quite distinctive because the tea used is slightly different, making it an interesting combination to try when visiting Jogja.
Mangut Lele Mbah Yanto
This restaurant is located in Bantul. The location is a bit in the village alley. Because, indeed, the concept of this place to eat is home or like eating at home. Therefore, later we will take our food and eat like at home. Mangut lele is a dish made from catfish with a sweet and spicy taste. Later, other side dishes can be enjoyed, such as Javanese vegetables, eggs, fried tofu and tempeh, and so on.

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Tengkleng Hoohah and Tengkleng Gajahan
Tengkleng Hoohah is located on Jalan Wonosari before the Kids Fun children’s playground. Of course, as the name implies, this restaurant provides various kinds of processed goat meat. The signature menu is tengkleng mutton with a reasonably large portion, but in terms of the price, according to the pocket. There are various other variations because there are many food menu choices such as curry, soy sauce satay, klathak satay, kicik, and so on.
Meanwhile, Tengkleng Gajahan is located on Jalan Kaliurang. Not much different from Tengkleng, Hoohah. The menu is like curry and satay, but not as many variations as in Tengkleng Hoohah.
The taste problem is, of course, the same because both have tastes that will make us come back to eat these foods.
Happy culinary in Jogja, Indonesia!

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